MicroX Labs(Pratimesh Labs Pvt Ltd)


· Name of the Startup: MicroX Labs(Pratimesh Labs Pvt Ltd)

· Incubated at: Society for innovation and development, IISc Bangalore

  • Founder(s):3

· Team strength: 9

· Current Status: MVP

· Year of enrollment: 2014

· Technology Domain/Sector: Medical diagnostics

· Notable Achievements:

· Brief profile (Including product details):

MicroX has developed patent pending suite of affordable point-of-use cloud-connected-instruments to
perform Cell Counting and differentiation for patients at point-of-use e.g. home, pharmacies; making
outcomes patient and pharmaceutical driven .Cartridge based complete Blood Count (CBC) is first
product offering enabling early diagnosis for anemia(iron) , leukopenia(infections) and
thrombocytopenia(blood clots)

  • USP/Uniqueness:

Our patented innovation involves a disposable cartridge(all the reagents are pre-loaded so no fluid
handling is done on instrument) and a battery powered a portable e-reader(~4Kgs ,15W,bagpack size)
for point of use CBC. 20uL of blood sample from capillary prick is needed(an advantage for phlebotomy
and elderly patients). In rural settings such as a community pharmacy, the caretaker e.g. nurse performs
a fingerprick(hence cost and trouble of going to the hospital), that will provide the required amount of
blood for sampling. A device is used to collect a precise volume for testing. The blood sample is
introduced to the testing cartridge, which in turn is placed into a small, battery-driven base
instrumentation. Testing is performed and results are given in under 7 minutes. Results of tests along
with other information Medical geographic information ,drug prescribed, meta data of patient is
transferred to the to the stake holders nearest health practitioner(in case of rural setting) and to pharma
companies in a safe manner. In the product a video is used to guide the user in order to avoid preanalytical errors. Two fold advantage using our innovations are :- (1) The simplicity of a cartridge-based
test out-performs low- end hematology analyzers.(2) Imaging technique cannot count platelets - current
instrumentations only count WBC with diff. The manufacturing cost of cartridge(including reagent
packaging) is 1.5USD which will be transferred to community pharmacist at 3USD and they can sell to
their patients at 4USD. The instrument will be provided on monthly rent @50USD per month
The 2 critical innovations on which product stands are (a) rapid mixing technique using soft wall
turbulence to enable mixing of blood and reagents at small length scales enabling a mini disposable
cartridge for sample preparation (b) a novel bio-sensor which can enumerate and count cells using high
frequency impedance

· Capital raised/Revenue generated: 500K USD

· Awards and accolades:

National Technology Day Award by Hon President

IMC Mumbai award: Award from Dr R Mashelkar

Department of Biotechnology: SIBRI

Millennium Alliance

DST Lockheed Martin Award

DBS-NUS Singapore award

India Africa Award


Google Jagriti Yatra Award

Action for India

TATA IIM Calcutta award

Merck Accelerator Demo day

· IP Generated (if any): 3 PCTs filed

· Contact details

o Address: 1st Floor ,SID IISc Bangalore, India

o Website : www.microxlabs.com

o Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact number : +91 97177 12111

Additional Info

  • State: Karnataka
  • City: Bangaluru
  • Select Domain: Medical diagnostics
  • Incubation Centres: Indian Institute of Science,Bengaluru
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