SIAMAF Healthcare


· Name of the Startup: SIAMAF Healthcare

· Incubated at: Society for Innovation and Development (SID), IISc

· Founder(s): Dr. Subhasis Sarangi

· Team strength:

We are a team of 8 members. The team includes a physicist, a surgical oncologist, a business advisor, a chemist, two electronic engineer, and two microbiology graduates.

· Current Status: Clinical validation, TRL6

· Year of enrollment: 2016

· Technology Domain/Sector: Healthcare

· Notable Achievements: NA

· Brief profile (Including product details): SIAMAF Healthcare is developing an advanced nanomagnetic technology platform for cancer diagnosis and therapy. The first product of the company is MafPro, an ultrasensitive hand-held magnetic probe system for staging and treatment of breast cancer. The device offers radiation free sentinel biopsy and occult lesion localization in one platform. The device can less invasively, more quickly, and more accurately identify sentinel nodes and nonpalpable breast lesions, resulting in better treatment, lower patient morbidity and reduced costs to the healthcare system.

· USP/Uniqueness: Radiation free sentinel node biopsy and lesion localization in one platform

· Capital raised/Revenue generated: NA

· Awards and accolades:

Longitude Prize Discovery Award

Winner of Elevate 100 Startup, Dept. of ITBT, Govt. of Karnataka

BIRAC BIG Innovator Award

· IP Generated (if any): One patent granted and two pending

· Contact details

o Address:

SIAMAF Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

1st floor, SID building

Entrepreneurship Centre

Indian Institute of Science

Bangalore - 560012

Karnataka, India

o Website:

o Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact number: +91 8023607900

Additional Info

  • State: Karnataka
  • City: Bangaluru
  • Select Domain: Med-Tech
  • Incubation Centres: Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE), IIT Bombay
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