Electro Curietech


  • Name of the Startup: Electro Curietech Pvt. Ltd.
  • Incubated at: Incubation Centre, IIT Patna
  • Founder(s): Dr. Shashwat Pathak, Mr. Rahul Raj
  • Team strength: 7
  • Current Status: Active Incubation, Developed first prototype
  • Year of enrollment: 2017
  • Technology Domain/Sector: Medical Electronics & IT
  • Notable Achievements:

Ø Started IT operations with renowned corporates

Ø Presenting custom made analytics/alerts using data science

  • Brief profile (Including product details):

o Portable early cataract detection system

Ø The device detects cataracts from digital eye images. This device is supported by a cloud based dedicated detection platform which can be accessed from PC’s and smart phone. This device is easy to use and presents a very feasible prospective for eye check-up camps and government missions like NPCB.

o IoT enabled Telemedicine Platform

We host a very powerful telemedicine platform which has device friendly integration, secure Electronic Health Records, Voice enabled prescription, low bandwidth operation, optional video/audio/text sessions with easy uploads and downloads. It has very convenient feature of camp hosting.

o Wearable hypoglycaemia detection device

The device is non-invasive, i.e., it does not require pricking for testing the blood glucose level for inferring hypoglycaemic events. The wearable band communicates with smartphone through a dedicated APP, for generating alerts regarding hypoglycaemia.

o Miscellaneous IT projects

These projects are of different varieties and being accomplished by using Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analysis for the predictive genre and reasonable modelling of operations.

  • USP/Uniqueness: Our medical devices are non-invasive, portable and cost effective. For IT services we offer custom made solutions at very affordable cost
  • Revenue generated: Approx. 12 Lacs in last financial year
  • Awards and accolades:

Tested the cataract detection algorithm with beta version of device in two heath camps in the year 2015 and 2017 at Life Line Hospital and Research Centre Barauni. Total screened patient count is around 500 and accuracy of algorithm was reported to be 98%.

  • IP Generated (if any):

Ø Filed an Indian Patent for portable Cataract Detection System.

Ø Patent filing is under progress for wearable hypoglycemia device

  • Contact details

o Address: Yadav Bhawan, Mohanpur, Punaichak Patna Patna BR 800023 IN

o Website : http://www.ecpl-global.com/

o Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

o Contact number(s): 8299474858, 6299255860

Additional Info

  • State: Bihar
  • City: Patna
  • Select Domain: Healthcare
  • Incubation Centres: Incubation Centre IIT Patna
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