Fineffi Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd

  • Name of the Startup: Fineffi Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd

  • Founder(s): Bhavna Chittawar, Kunal Gadre, Siddhant Goyal, Mukund Gharpure, Kathikeyan Iyer

  • Team strength: 6

  • Current Status: Revenue generating

  • Year of enrollment: 2017-18

  • Technology Domain/Sector: ICT

  • Notable Achievements: Selected in Powered Accelerator cohort-II (4.8 L seed fund grant), Pushpa Pictures Pvt Ltd. managing 32 theatres in Maharashtra is major clients

  • Brief profile (Including product details):

The company has an AI based software technology product and services solutions for energy efficiency. Their present focus is on monitoring meters/smart meters for power and water utility services to help in optimizing usage and cost.

Energy efficiency technology solutions using AI based approach to provide end to end solution for efficiency in power and water utilities for small commercial complexes.

  • USP/Uniqueness:

Competition from dealers of EE equipment manufacturers as well as existing service electricians, electrical contractors and architects.

  • Capital raised/Revenue generated: Bootstrapped: 30 lacs

Incubation/Seed Support: 2.5 lacs (MeitY)

  • Awards and accolades: Selected in Powered Accelerator Cohot II for Seed Fund Grant

  • IP Generated (if any): Patent for IOT device and copy right for algorithm are being pursued

Additional Info

  • City: Nagpur