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5C Network [5C Network (INDIA) Pvt Ltd]

  • Name of the Startup: 5C Network [5C Network (INDIA) Pvt Ltd]

  • Founder(s): Kalyan Sivasailam and Syed S Ahmed

  • Team strength: 20

  • Current Status: Operational

  • Year of enrollment: 2018

  • Technology Domain/Sector: Healthcare / Healthtech

  • Notable Achievements: India’s largest Radiology group with over 130 Radiologists. We have delivered over 50,000 Critical life saving radiology reports and support over 40,000 diagnoses every month.

  • Brief profile (Including product details):

Diagnosis, like justice, when delayed is denied. 5C Network was started in 2016 with the aim of building a network of specialist diagnosticians who would help any hospital or diagnostic centre, irrespective of their location, get access to high quality and fast diagnosis, thus improving the health outcomes of their patients.

5C Network runs www.5cnetwork.com, which is an online platform that connects hospitals and diagnostic centres with the right radiologist for each type of case. The platform offers tools to easily send large complex medical images to radiologists, while also allowing radiologists to access the scans from anywhere along with tools that deliver insights for fast and accurate reporting.

Today, with our focus on Radiology, 5C Network is the fastest and easiest way for any hospital or diagnostic centre in India to get a high quality radiology report on demand 24x7. Our network of 120+ specialist Radiologists help us serve over 200 client in 20 states across the country. We deliver over 40,000 reports a month, at an average Turn Around Time of 41 minutes. We have seen that hospitals which use 5C are now at ease even during the night due to our 24x7 service, and clinicians and surgeons are very happy with the specialist reports. In diagnostic centres, 5C's presence helps drive further business to the centre as we help them maintain High quality standards with low turn around times, thus delivering a great experience to patients and doctors alike.

  • USP/Uniqueness: Our technology and process makes us much faster for both our clients and radiologists, making us the first choice for both

  • Capital raised/Revenue generated: 5Cr raised, around 4Cr revenue so far.

  • Awards and accolades: Top 25 startups in Karnataka (by GoK and Delloite), Top 25 Startups in Asia (StartupO), Raised seed investment from Unitus, Axilor and CIIE (IIMA), Forbes 30 Under 30 2019 India and Forbes 30 Under 30 2019 Asia

  • IP Generated (if any): n/a

  • Contact details

    • Address: NASSCOM 10K Startup Warehouse, Diamond District, Kodihalli, Bangalore 560008

    • Website: www.5cnetwork.com

    • Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    • Contact number: 973 991 1882

Additional Info

  • State: Karnataka
  • City: Bangaluru
  • Select Domain: Healthcare
  • Incubation Centres: IIIT Bangalore