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Cellprop Pvt. Ltd.

  • Name of the Startup: Cellprop Pvt. Ltd.

  • Founder(s): Nakul Kukar, Paras Kaushal.

  • Team strength: ~36

  • Current Status: Operational

  • Year of enrollment: 2018

  • Technology Domain/Sector: Cleantech

  • Notable Achievements: Pilot order from BMTC to convert one bus into electric; Provides consultancy to Bosch for designing the thermo structural layer of their battery packs.

  • Brief profile (Including product details):

Cellprop mobility is a Bangalore based company that is into manufacturing and development of electric powertrains for buses and heavy commercial vehicles.

The major components of a powertrain are Battery management systems (BMS), Battery packs, Motors & Motor controllers. BMS ensures good battery health and longer life and motor controller optimizes and controls the RPM and torque of the motor. The firmware integrates all these individual components into an intelligent system called powertrain which tracks the vehicle data in real time to ensure high mileage & highest passenger safety.

  • USP/Uniqueness:

Cellprop’s on board driving software takes data feed from sensors (GPS, BMS - Battery Management System, motor controller, camera) and actuators (steering control, brakes, motor control) in real time. The AI stack at the back end ensures long battery life, highest vehicle safety and personalized driving experience based on road, traffic conditions and driver behavior for better vehicle mileage. It also enables infotainment display such as navigation maps, video caller and can automatically control the air conditioning in the bus. In near future, it intends to incorporate predictive analytics to ensure 100% vehicle safety.

  • Capital raised/Revenue generated:

Capital Raised: Grants - 35 Lakhs from BMTC, Equity - 1.5 crore from CIIE, HNIs.

Revenue Generated : - 25 Lakhs for FY 2019.

  • Awards and accolades: Pilot project from BMTC.

  • IP Generated (if any): Going to apply for patents.

Additional Info

  • State: Karnataka
  • City: Bangaluru
  • Select Domain: Clean Tech (power)
  • Incubation Centres: IIIT Bangalore