Centre Of Excellence For Internet Of Things (IoT) At Visakhapatnam

The purpose of CoE is to create the physical infrastructure labs for IoT domain for development and validation of solution from design to prototyping to democratize innovation in collaboration with Government, Industry and Academia. This COE will host physical lab facility to create prototype for addressing the various domestic needs in the field of IoT e.g. health, agriculture, water, transportation and energy and validating solution for horizontal scenarios like Smart Cities, Smart Manufacturing, Privacy, Security and standardization of protocols. This facility also includes the incubation centre to enable start-ups to develop their ideas, providing training for industry recommended courses on a chargeable basis. The repository of experts will be created from the various industry/ academia to provide technical support on need basis. As a part of this project, physical infrastructure (CoE) for Internet of Things (IoT) will be setup to encourage the start-ups to work on technical design to product prototyping by way of democratising innovation in collaboration with academic/industry partners.