National Centre Of Excellence For Electronics And ICT Applications In Agriculture And Environment (NCAEE) -CDAC-Kolkata


  • Creation / Augmentation of the Electronics and ICT R&D Infrastructure at CDAC.
  • Core Capacity building in various domains of Agriculture and Environment Electronics, as well as creation of manpower by imparting training and extensive awareness programs.
  • Pursuance of advanced R&D towards development of products and technology solutions for the identified domains.
  • Field deployable prototype developments as the outcome of research.
  • Product development and commercialization.
  • Establishment of international linkage with the leading global R&D Institutes and Academia for collaborative research.

Identified domains for research and product/solution development:

  1. Mechanization and Robotics in the domain of Agriculture
  2. Quality Analysis of Agricultural commodities (e-Quality) for the National Agriculture Market (eNAM)
  3. Agricultural Informatics and Advisory
  4. Application of Image Processing and Spectroscopy for Quality Evaluation of Food and Agro produces
  5. Bio-sensing Framework for checking of poisonous residues in Food, Vegetables and to check heavy metals in Water
  6. Applications of Internet-of-Things (IoT) and sensors in Precision Agriculture and rapid soil testing
  7. Application of Electronics and ICT for Environment