Professional Electronics

  1. Remotely Operated Under Water Vehicle (Product)

    Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle is a tethered submersible, controlled by a pilot located on land or from a vessel in the water. An umbilical tether cable contains a group of cables that carry electrical power, video and data signals back and forth between the operator and ROV. This is useful for Dam inspection, real-time monitoring of marine construction, ship hull inspection etc.

  2. Ultrasonic Level Sensor (Product)

    Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensor solution for remote level monitoring applications such as underground city sewers, unattended diesel tanks at remote sites, rivers, waterways / water reservoirs, irrigation channels etc. The sensor measures and communicates periodic data from the site for long term and on-line monitoring. The sensor also transmits immediate alerts for events such as river flood alert, sewer overflow conditions, empty or full diesel tank etc. Alerts are also available for low power supply.

  3. Zigbee enabled LED Luminaire with Occupancy Control (Product)

    This offers energy efficient illumination in buildings. Each ZLED luminaire has a Passive Infrared sensor (PIR), Zigbee End Device, LED driver board and DC supply. PIR sensor senses the occupancy status. UbiMote (Zigbee End Device) controls the LED operation through the LED driver based on the command received wirelessly from Wingz Gateway or can be controlled independently.