Cyber Security & Cyber Forensics

  1. Advik CDRAnalyzer

    Advik is a Call Data Record Analyzer which can import and analyze CDR/Tower CDR logs of any service provider in India and generate a comprehensive report of frequency statistics including service provider details and subscriber details(SDR)* of CDR Numbers.

  2. CyberCheck Suite – Disk Forensics Tool

    CyberCheck Suite is a comprehensive collection of disk forensics tools to perform data acquisition of digital evidence, analysis, data recovery, data carving, Forensic Registry Analysis, thumbnails images extractor and reporting.

  3. MobileCheck Forensic Solution for Mobile Phones & Smart Phones

    MobileCheck is a digital forensics solution for Mobile Phones, Smart Phones, PDAs and GPS Devices. This software tool supports acquisition and analysis of handheld devices based on the make, model and operating system. MobileCheck helps investigators to perform a complete analysis of cell phones with its various built-in features.

  4. NetForce Suite – Network Forensics Tool

    NetForce Suite consists of three Tools, Network Session Analyzer, CyberInvestigator and EmailTracer. NeSA is used for packet analysis, CyberInvestigator is used for log analysis and EmailTracer is used for email tracing.

  5. SIMXtractor - SIM Card Imaging & Analysis Tool

    SIMXtractor is a forensic solution for imaging and analyzing SIM cards. The tool suite contains a SIM Card Reader, SIM Imager (Imaging of SIM cards) and SIM Analyzer (Analysis of SIM cards). The tool works with both GSM and CDMA SIM.

  6. TrueImager

    TrueImager is a high speed, light weight, portable handheld device capable of performing seize, Seize & Acquire and Cloning operations on storage media. The unit also supports Wiping and Formatting of Destination disk. The tool generates Report in USB disk. Report printing is also possible through serial printer.

  7. TrueTraveller

    TrueTraveller is a complete solution for performing digital forensics Seizure, Acquisition and Analysis. It can be easily carried to scene of crime and can carry out on-site forensic investigations.

  8. Win-LiFT Windows Based Live Forensics Tool

    Win-LiFT 2.0 is a Windows Based Live Forensics Tool consisting of Win-LiFTImagerBuilder and Win-LiFT Analyzer. Live Forensics involves acquisition of volatile data from the Suspect’s machine and analysis of the acquired data. It enables volatile data acquisition using Win-LiFTImager, a tool that can be built with Win-LiFTImagerBuilder, and analysis using Win-LiFTAnalyzer.